All Readers Welcome

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” 

― Oscar Wilde

How it started

I decided to start this website for two reasons. The first reason is books. Lots, and lots of books. The second reason was that I wanted a place were fellow booknerds could come if their favorite character dies (for like the 100th time) or if they need good book recommendations or even just a place were there are tons of other people like them who love to read. I was also in quarantine so I had nothing better to do. So that’s how I got the idea for Ivy Gold. Now you see, I believe that there are two types of people. There are logical people, they are usually the left brain, they love math, science, and like reading non fiction things. Then there are creative people which are people like me, we are the right brain and we like writing, painting, creating random things on a computer, and we like reading fictional books. I’m taking fantasy, dystopian, mystery, thriller, and even romance (specifically enemies to lovers). Now I am not saying that you have to follow the rule that I have because everyone is different, this is just how I happen to see people because to me, it is the way that makes the most sense. So before you explore the rest of the website, I want to you remember that, reading isn’t a competition, it doesn’t matter how much you read or how fast you read. What matters is that you read and that you enjoy the books you read. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!